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by clepage

What our team is working to do: study the underlying effects of obesity in order to improve obesity treatment options

A Multidisciplinary Research Approach

We combine cutting-edge biological, physiological, and nutritional techniques to advance our understanding of how obesity affects us from the cell to the whole body. We want to know what makes an individual with obesity unique. Together we are working towards helping to find better treatments for obesity and its related disease. We want to give people afflicted with obesity a chance to regain and maintain a healthy state.

How Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Every little bit counts! Your contribution helps advance our research program in a number of ways. By contributing to our research you will be helping to fund cutting-edge multidisciplinary projects that advance our understanding of obesity. These advances will define and shape more individualized effective treatments of obesity, improving the health of these individuals. Your contribution also helps to train the next generation of scientists by funding our outstanding trainees. Trainees benefit from your donation which provides them with a research stipend, funds to present their research at international conferences, and enhanced training opportunities.

You can make a donation here to help us give a better life to people with obesity