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Why do some people living with obesity respond better to treatment than others? Why is it that some people living with obesity develop diseases whereas others do not? These are the questions that our team seeks to answer by understanding how our bodies are changed by obesity. Our research aims to understand obesity from the cell to the whole body. We combine unique biological, physiological, and nutritional techniques to investigate the underlying effects of obesity that contribute to weight gain and disease. We want to know what makes an individual with obesity unique. Together we are working towards helping to find better treatments for obesity and its related disease.

Why obesity treatment remains ineffective

Most people who lose weight eventually gain it back. There are a number of treatments for obesity, including various diets, exercises, pills, and weight loss (bariatric) surgery (in the case of morbid obesity). Even with the same diet or amount of exercise, people vary widely in the amount of body fat or weight at which their body settles. The metabolic and cellular mechanisms behind why some overweight individuals develop disease, while others do not, are not fully understood. Furthermore, in people with metabolic disease such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, we do not fully understand how obesity affects disease progression and treatment.

What you gain and contribute towards in participating in our research

Improving the understanding and treatments for obesity can only be achieved through volunteers like you! After all, how closely does the human body resemble animals such as mice? Participating in our studies allows you to gain personalized information about your body. Many of our studies involve precise measures of health that often include assessment of disease risk, body composition, strength and fitness, and how much energy (Calories) your body uses. Moreover, your participation provides valuable information that contributes towards advancing our knowledge of obesity and its related diseases.


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