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Journal Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

Authorship: <§> indicates senior authorship. Italicized names are trainees or highly qualified personnel (HQP) that work with me. In my field publishing with students/HQP is encouraged and is the norm. <*> indicates equally shared first authorship.

Article Length: The quintessential mode of disseminating research work in my field is through publishing in peer-reviewed journals. The length of the articles published in these journals varies, is often less than 10 pages, and is not reflective of the quality or importance of information presented.

Journal Selection:  The journals selected for publication are based on a combination of impact factor and target audience. Journals such as Obesity Reviews, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Journal of Lipid Research, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Scientific Reports, and International Journal of Obesity are among those that have the highest impact factor in their respective fields.

  1. Tam BT, Murphy J, Khor N, Morais JA, Santosa S§. Subcutaneous adipose tissue acetyl CoA regulation, mitochondrial integrity and histone modification are different in individuals with childhood vs adult development of excess adiposity. JCEM: submitted.
  2. Robidoux M, Winnepetonga D, Santosa S, Haman F. Will investing in local food procurement improve food security for northern Indigenous populations? Public Health Nutrition: submitted.
  3. Wang C, Murphy J, Delaney KZ, Morais JA, Tsoukas M, Lowry DA, Mutch DM, Santosa S§. No association between rs174537 FADS1 genotype and immune cell profiles in human abdominal and femoral subcutaneous adipose tissue. Obesity: submitted.
  4. Cooke AB, Kuate Defo A, Dasgupta K, Papaioannou TG, Lee J, Morin S, Murphy J, Santosa S, Daskalopoulou SS. Methodological considerations for the measurement of arterial stiffness using applanation tonometry. Journal of Hypertension: submitted.
  5. Murphy J, Morais JA, Tsoukas M, Santosa S§. Regional adipose tissue immune cell profiles inmen and women with obesity. Obesity: submitted
  6. Delaney K, Shen W, Haman F, Santosa S§. The struggle to stay thin: is adaptive thermogenesis to blame? Obesity: submitted.
  7. Delaney KZ, Dam V, Murphy J, Morais JA, Pescarus R, Garneau P, Santosa S§. A reliable, reproducible flow cytometry protocol for immune cell quantification in human adipose tissue. Cytotechnology: submitted.
  8. Kakinami L, Sadikaj G, Wrosch C, Santosa S, Alberga AS, Knauper B. Development and validation of a scale to measure compensatory behaviours. Current Psychology: submitted.
  9. Delaney KZ, Spatari L, Henderson M, Santosa S§, Mathieu ME§*. Children with Obesity in prepuberty or early puberty have lower lipid oxidation but greater reliance on lipid as a substrate during exercise: A QUALITY study. 2018. Pediatric Exercise Science: Revisions Requested.
  10. Tam BT, Morais J, Santosa S§. Obesity and ageing: Two sides of the same coin. Obesity Reviews. 2020: 21; e12991.
  11. Murphy J, Bacon S, Morais J, Tsoukas M, Santosa S. Intra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue Quantification by Alternative Versus Reference Methods: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Obesity. 2019: 27; 1115-22.
  12. Kakinami L, Houle-Johnson S, Demissie Z, Santosa S, Fulton, JE. Meeting fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity recommendations among adolescents intending to lose weight. Preventive Medicine Reports. 2019: 13; 11-15.
  13. Delaney KZM, Vanstone CA, Weiler HA, Santosa S§. Regional adiposity and markers of inflammation in preschool aged children. Scientific Reports. 2018: 8; 15204 (7 pages).
  14. Santosa S, Bush NC, Jensen MD. Acute testosterone deficiency alters adipose tissue fatty acid storage. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2017: 102; 3056-64.
  15. Murphy J, Moullec G, Santosa S§. Factors associated with adipocyte size reduction after weight loss interventions for overweight and obesity: a systemic review and meta-regression. Metabolism. 2017: 67; 31-40.
  16. Santosa S, Bonnes S, Jensen MD. Acute female hypogonadism alters adipose tissue fatty acid storage factors and chylomicronemia. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2016: 101; 2089-98.
  17. Yang SQ, DeGuire JR, Agellon S, Lavery P, Mak I, Weiler HA, Santosa S§. Conjugated linoleic acid mitigates testosterone-related changes in body composition in male guinea pigs. Nutrition Research. 2016: 36; 408-17.
  18. Dam V, Sikdar T, Santosa S§. From Neutrophils to macrophages: Differences in regional adipose tissue depots. Obesity Reviews. 2016: 17; 1-17.
  19. Santosa S§, Jensen MD. The sexual dimorphism of lipid kinetics in humans. Frontiers in Endocrinology. 2015: 6; 103 (6 pages).
  20. Hames KC, Koutsari C, Santosa S, Bush NC, Jensen MD. Adipose tissue fatty acid storage factors: effects of depot, sex and fat cell size. International Journal of Obesity. 2015: 39; 884-7.
  21. Varady KA*, Dam V*, Horne M, Cruz R, Klempel MC, Kroeger CM, Santosa S§. Effects of weight loss via high fat vs low fat alternate day fasting diets on free fatty acid profiles. Scientific Reports. 2015: 5; 7561 (6 pages).
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  23. Santosa S§, Jensen MD. Sex and sex steroids: impact on the kinetics of fatty acids underlying body shape. Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation. 2014: 20; 15-23.
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